Alps train derailed by giant boulder

Two people have been killed and nine injured after a train derailed in the Alps in southern France.

The train came off the tracks after it was hit by a boulder that had rolled down a mountain.

Some 34 passengers were on board as it headed from the coastal city of Nice to the town of Digne-les-Bains.

The accident happened on a remote stretch of the track

Local newspaper Nice Matin reported comments made by the Mayor of Annot, who said one of the cars is still on the track while the second one is on a slope being held there by trees.

Some 110 firefighters and 32 vehicles along with two helicopters were deployed to the scene after a “red alert”, meaning “several victims”, was issued.

One of the injured is in a critical condition while eight others, including the driver, suffered minor injuries.

Emergency services struggled to reach the accident due to heavy snow at the remote location.

In July, seven people died when a commuter train derailed near Paris.

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