TSL Member internship at the Politechnika Gandansk, Poland!

Ms. Arefeh Lotfi is an MSc student in School of Railway Engineering at IUST. Arefeh works on transportation safety in “European Union Transport Safety Culture” project at the Gdansk University of Technology in Poland  Under Dr. Zukowska’s supervision.

She is a member of Transportation Systems and Logistics (TSL) Lab. Her research interest is transport safety, in particular, improving safety in railway transportation.

She has obtained her bachelor’s degree in railway transportation engineering from the Iran University of Science and Technology (IUST).

After completing her two-month internship, she came back to the TSL lab.
Arefeh Lotfi master student of Railway transportation engineering at the Faculty of Railway Engineering and member of TSL after presenting her research in the form of an article titled ” Rail and road safety: does the safety culture matter? Analysis of EU countries as a case study”, resumed her work at TSL.