Call for Papers: FAST-zero 2015

FAST-zero 2015 takes place in Gothenburg, Sweden, September 9 to 11, 2015. After two successful events in Japan, FAST-zero’11 symposium in Tokyo, and FAST-zero’13 symposium in Nagoya, the symposium will be held for the first time outside Japan. Sweden is a natural choice for a FAST-zero symposium since it was in Sweden that the Zero Vision Initiative was taken. The main idea is simple: No loss of life in traffic is acceptable. But approach is innovative: since humans make mistakes, instead of making the driver responsible, vehicles and traffic system solutions must be designed so that accidents are avoided.

FAST-zero 2015 invites submissions of high-quality research papers describing original and unpublished work.

Authors interested of presenting a paper at the FAST-zero ’15 symposium are invited to submit an extended abstract in English, with a length of approximately 1000 words. The extended abstract should clearly reflect the contents of the paper, and should not exceed 2 pages of A4 size (including figures).

Submitted abstracts will undergo a review process on which the acceptance is based.

Symposium topics: Technology targeting
* Active Safety
* Autonomous and Automatic Driving Vehicle

More specific:
* On-Board Sensing Active Safety Systems
- On-Board Sensing Driver Assistance Systems
- Vehicular Sensors and Environment Perception
- Vehicle Dynamics Control and autonomous driving

* Communication-Based Active Safety Systems
- Cooperative Driver Assistance Systems
- Cooperative automatic driving
- X2X Communications and Safety Telematics
- ITS and ICT for Safety Applications

* Driver Characteristics and Human Factors
- Driver Monitoring and Driver State Detection
- Driver Behavior Modeling
- Cooperation Between Drivers and Assistance Systems
- Human Machine Interface
- Driver Overdependence and Distrust on Assistance Systems

* Methodologies for Active Safety Research
- Safety Impact Assessment of Active Safety Devices
- Driving Simulators
- Traffic Simulation
- Active Safety Testing Methods and Tools
- Field Operational Test
- Safety and Security of Vehicle Embedded Systems

* Other Related Topics on Active Safety Technologies

Important Dates:
- December 1, 2014 Submission of abstracts opens
- February 1, 2015 Deadline of submission
- April 10, 2015 Notification of acceptance
- June 10, 2015 Final paper submission
- June 10, 2015 Deadline of advanced registration
- September 8 2015 Welcome reception
- September 9-11, 2015 Symposium

General Chairs:
Jonas Sjöberg, Chalmers, Gothenburg
Anna Nilsson-Ehle, SAFER, Chalmers, Gothenburg

Balázs Kulcár, Program Chair, Chalmers, Gothenburg