Car Smashed by Freight Train in Silverdale

The British Transport Police are always warning drivers to be careful around level crossings. Despite these warnings, drivers continue to try to beat trains so that they do not have to wait for them to pass. Unfortunately, this recently led to a huge crash at a level crossing in Silverdale.

According to the British Transport Police, a freight train recently hit a car on a level crossing. This accident could have been much worse since this was a freight train that is used to take used nuclear fuel to a site in Cumbria for disposal. Thankfully, the train was empty at the time of the collision.

Things did not turn out so great for the car that was hit. Police say that the car travelled nearly 984 feet after it was hit at the New Road crossing in Silverdale. The accident happened around 7 p.m. GMT this past Tuesday. The police added that no one was injured in the crash because the driver was not in his car at the time of the accident. However, the driver of the car had to be treated for shock.

Due to the force of the crash, the fire-fighters had to remove train tracks to get the car free. As soon as the crash was reported, Fire and Rescue members, Lancashire Police and the British Transport Police were on the scene. They helped the driver and made sure no one else was injured before they began to investigate the scene.

A spokesman for the Lancashire Police department said that the driver of the car was a 46-year-old man. He lived near Kendal and was thankfully not in his car at the time of the crash. The train that hit the car was traveling between Sellafield and Crewe. The train managed to stay upright on the tracks despite hitting the car. The car that was hit was a silver Fiesta, and it had to be removed from the tracks. The spokesman added that the Rail Accident Investigation Branch and the Office of Rail Regulation have already been informed over this accident.

Network Rail did not have much to add at this time. A spokesman for the company did say that no allegations have been made about the safe working condition of the level crossing. The company is still looking into the accident.

So far, no other information has been released by the authorities. It is not clear yet why the man’s car was sitting on the tracks and why he was not in his car. It is possible that the man’s car stalled out in the middle of the tracks, and he had to abandon it. This would explain why he was not in his car at the time of the crash. At the time of this writing, the man was still being questioned by police and Network Rail. Both parties want to get to the bottom of this as quickly as possible.