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Mona Shahrokh.

Mona shahrokh


Title: Risk Analysis of Hazardous Materials Cars in Rail Yards: On a Review, Comparative, study of the Scientific Literature

Rail Yards play a significant role in railroad operations and it is one of the risky areas in railroads. Therefore it is essential to give attention to these risks for enhancement of the railroad safety. This paper reviews and compares studies which is done on factors which threat a rail yard, consequently the main and dangerous accidents identify and define major events which hazard a rail could be categorized Due to the potential factors of threat and review of the scientific literature each accident in three main categories including: (a) rail yard worker, (b) hazardous materials cars, and (c) terrorist attacks. Thus it should be considered in a rail yard worker safety; potential threats resulted from existence of hazardous materials and the attractiveness of rail yards for terrorists. In conclusion this paper can be used as a comprehensive study for improvement of yard accidents.

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School of Railway Engineering Iran University of Science and Technology Narmak, Tehran, IRAN, 1684613114


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