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Title: Fleet Sizing for a Supply Chain of Connected Factories

The purpose of this thesis is railcar fleet sizing for a supply chain of connected factories in steel production industry in Iran and evaluating the results based on available data for factories located at low-density traffic line by simulating transportation between factories with Planimate. Individual factories have been connected to Iranian railways, but connecting a whole supply chain of five factories which decides to rely on railway transportation for their inter-factories transportation is for the first time in Iranian Railways and needs careful estimation. For estimating the number of cars needed for this problem the method of cycle time has been used. This method by having available data from previous trains for each origin-destination considers the times through which a railcar transports between origin and destination. Railway transportation is considered the best mode for transporting freight with high volume and long distances, in this problem two of the demands with the same origin have the first condition but their distance isn’t far enough to be justified for being transported by railway. it means that it’s time-consuming and un-effective, and the numbers estimated by cycle time method may not be possible in the reality. For solving this problem by means of the Australian software Planimate which has been used for fleet sizing in railway transportation, the transportation for these two origin-destination have been simulated. The results of the simulation within a specific period of time imply that for these two demand are possible.


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