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Project Description

Crowd Modeling

Mohsen Mahmoudi…….


Crowd analysis and evacuation modelling: A case study and first results – Tehran railway station

Project Overview:

Railway stations have always been under the threat of accidents and natural disasters such as fire and earthquakes. Under exceptional circumstances, the evacuation process time in stations which are mostly crowded is essentially important. Identifying the collective flow patterns and probable bottlenecks are noteworthy features to improve the safety and comfortable level of crowd evacuation. In this study, Tehran railway station is chosen to investigate the evacuation process and to identify potential bottlenecks. More than 25000 hours have been recorded from security cameras and the peak and normal hours were collected to analysis the flow patterns and bottlenecks. In this study, PTV-viswalk as a microscopic software for pedestrian simulation that is capable of reproducing the large set of crowd motion phenomena was used. As a result, Bottleneck identification and queuing analysis were performed and corrective actions were suggested to enhance evacuation efficiency.


Morteza Bagheri


Mohsen Mahmoudi

Research Associate

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