Use your phone to start your car?

Oh, you use an app on your phone to start your car? How passé. Hyundai’s gearing up for CES by talking up an Android Wear app that’ll let you remotely unlock, locate and start your car with a tap on the wrist. Naturally, if you just can’t muster the energy to swipe on your smartwatch, you’ll be able to issue voice commands to get the job done, too. Isn’t the future grand?

While we’re not exactly surprised to see a major player like Hyundai embracing the ballooning wearables market, it’s definitely not the first company whose cars have bent to the whims of your watch. Android developer Matthew Patience whipped up a little Wear app of his own back in July that lets Tesla S owners fiddle with the sunroof remotely secure their rides… albeit without Tesla’s express permission. While that clever hack only worked for one car, Hyundai’s Wear app should play nice with several — any of the company’s BlueLink-enabled cars should listen to your commands, even ones as long in the tooth as the 2012 Sonata. For now companies like Hyundai are in the wearable-friendly minority, but somehow we don’t think it’ll be long before others start to see the light (especially since the Droidification of the automotive industry is already well underway).