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Zahra Moghadasi.


Title: A review of risks associated with stationary hazardous materials railroad cars

Railroad sidings are increasingly important areas in rail network; particularly, while storing Stationary Hazardous Materials (SHM) cars.  Most regulations prevent staying any SHM cars for a long time. For instance, according to Railway Association of Canada (RAC), the SHM cars have to leave the rail station within five days. The low probability/ high consequence nature of SHM car accidents makes it possible to use risk analyses in the field. The objective of this paper is to gather, analyze and classify scientific literatures in the context of SHM cars’ risk. The main issues addressed in this paper are: a) defining and clarifying the risks associated with HSM cars, b) summarizing the previous investigations and c) identifying gaps and relations. Also, risk reduction plans and actions will be presented as a result of this critical review.

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School of Railway Engineering Iran University of Science and Technology Narmak, Tehran, IRAN, 1684613114


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