Transportation Systems and Logistics Lab

About Us

The “Transportation Systems and Logistics (TSL)” laboratory was established with the aim to promote research and education. TSL concentrates on the application of engineering management, and IT systems in transport systems, and logistics. The main goal of TSL is to create a positive intuitive environment for students, and teachers, in order for them to find solutions towards transportation and logistic problems. Other goals include: creating new ideas for research projects, and sharing them in conferences, both domestically, and internationally. TSL also aims at cooperating with education systems, and universities to create better opportunities for undergraduates and also graduates. We also extend our works for industrial, and research programs outside Universities, and educational institutes.

Some of Our Alliance


About Our School

School of Railway Engineering (SRE) was established in 1997 at Iran University of Science and Technology (IUST), as a positive answer to the public interests and the railway industry development plans in Iran. This outstanding achievement was eventuated by the financial support of the Railways of the Islamic Republic of Iran. Total number of students admitted to the School of Railway Engineering has been about 1825 during 1997 to 2012, out of which 1053 have been graduated. SRE has also been successful in maintaining close scientific collaborations with the world leading railway educational and research departments of many institutions such as: McGill University, Canada – Chalmers University of Technology, Sweden