Transportation Systems and Logistics Lab

TSL at Golrang Tarabar!

Today, my students and I had this chance to visit Dr.Mehdi Ashrafi,CEO Golrang Tarabar!

Golrang Tarabar Company is active in the field of land transportation and is currently providing services to companies within the Golrang Industrial Group and manufacturers in Iran.Golrang Tarabar employs 12,000 drivers while owning a fleet of 100 vehicles.

We discussed about #Patoghayi Application too; “Patoghayi” is an intelligent cargo transportation mobile application that provides the simplest, safest, and fastest way to transport goods. “Patoghayi drivers” can select their cargo in just a few seconds and receive information about similar cargoes at any time. “The cargo owner or operator” can easily register their cargo and select their driver from among the transport applicants.

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